Sunday, October 29, 2006


S-a inapoiat ora.

Asta o insemna oare ca trebuie sa merg cu spatele ca-n Time's Arrow. Si sa derulez evenimentele in ordine inversa?

Si daca s-a inapoiat, cui i s-a inapoiat?

N.B. Pentru ca azi e ziua citatelor courtesy of Martin Amis:
"This business with the cabs, it surely looks like an unimprovable deal. They're always there when you need one, even in the rain or when the theatres are closing. They pay you up front, no questions asked. They always know where you're going. They're great. No wonder we stand there, for hours on end, waving goodbye, or saluting- saluting this fine service. The streets are full of people with their arms raised, drenched and weary, thanking the yellow cabs. Just the one hitch: they're always taking me places where I don't want to go." [cum ar fi pe dos]


de_ce said...

Mie mi s-a inapoiat ora (de somn)! Mi-o furasera astia prn primavara si acum mi-au oferit-o inapoi :P

merimeriquitecontrary said...

vezi daca ai fost baiat cuminte... :) amu e ca la monopoly aia cu "collect 50$ from every player"! ia-le pe toate, see if we care.

de_ce said...

chiar pe toate? :) yupiiii!!! :P

merimeriquitecontrary said...

asta de fapt e parte din conspiratia noastra mondiala cand tu dormi si pierzi toata distractia si dormi si pentru noi asa ca more fun for us >:)