Saturday, October 28, 2006

Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God

" "Anyway" said the driver, "they had so many books in Libertyville, they used books for toilet paper in the jail. They got me on a Friday, late in the afternoon, so I couldn't have a hearing in court until Monday. So I sat there in the callaboose for two days with nothing to do but read my toilet paper.I can still remember one of the stories I read".
"Um" said Trout.
"That was the last story I ever read," said the driver."My God - that must be all of fifteen years ago. The story was about another planet.It was a crazy story.They had museums full of paintings all over the place, and the government used a kind of roulette wheel to decide what to put in the museums, and what to throw out".
Kilgore Trout was suddenly woozy with deja-vu.The truck driver was reminding him of the premise of a book he hadn't thought about for years.The driver's toilet paper in Libertyville, Georgia, had been the Barrigaffner of Bagnialto, or This Year's Masterpiece by Kilgore Trout."
Breakfast of Champions

"Jesus once said, "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's". Which Bokonon paraphrased, "Pay no attention to Caesar. Caesar doesn't have the slightest idea what's really going on." "

"God never wrote a good play in His Life."

"Midget, midget, midget, how he struts and winks, For he knows a man's as big as what he hopes and thinks!"

"On Contrast
'Papa' Monzano, he's so very bad,
But without bad 'Papa' I would be so sad;
Because without 'Papa's' badness,
Tell me, if you would,
How could wicked old Bokonon
Ever, ever look good?"
"On the Roots of Bokononism

I wanted all things
To seem to make sense,
So we all could be happy, yes,
Instead of tense.
And I made up lies
So that they all fit nice,
And I made this sad world
A par-a-dise."

"On God

Someday, someday, this crazy world will have to end,
And our God will take things back that He to us did lend.
And if, on that sad day, you want to scold our God,
Why go right ahead and scold Him. He'll just smile and nod."
Cat's Cradle

Si as putea sa dau citate din Kurt Vonnegut, Jr toata ziulica pentru ca un om care e in stare sa scrie :

  • carte despre Al Doilea Razboi Mondial la misto in timp ce descrie o poveste cu extraterestri [pentru a privi lumea noastra din afara, el foloseste o metafora extrem de amuzanta in gaselnita cu extraterestrii de care face un misto nebun]. Despre violenta dintre oameni, despre nevoia de a fi gasit.
  • carte despre nevoia artei de a fi iubita pentru oamenii care o fac, descriind arta americana abstracta si nebunia totala a caruselului de valori in care ne invartim, judecatile emise asupra acesteia care nu folosesc la nimic [una din povestile din cartea asta este despre un pictor american abstract Rabo Karabekian ale carui picturi au disparut cu desavarsire pentru ca vopseaua cu care erau facute era corosiva ==> efemeritatea judecatilor],
  • una in care religia, utilitatea ei si dictatura fac casa buna, in care se discuta despre martiriu si importanta imaginii in paralel cu povestea Bombei Atomice si a omului care a inventat-o si familia sa, totul incurcandu-se si descurcandu-se asa cum se intampla la "Leaganul Pisicii" din elastic pe care-l faceam cand eram mici.
  • carte despre societatea americana si efectul pe care-l are sau nu literatura, ideea de geniu si nebunii cu banii aruncati. Unde se pune problema punerii in libertate a personajelor, a marelui "pelerinaj trucker and honk" al americanilor.

este, parerea mea sincera si neavizata, material pentru inchinat, icoana pictata ca sa-ti lipesti buzele de ea.

[poate as fi putut sa scriu un review adulator cu mai putine propozitii eliptice?! Neah.Se potriveste perfect cu Vonnegut ideea ca spui descriind si lasi urmatorul cititor sa completeze, ca sa nu-i strici toata distractia]

Disclaimer: Nu ma intereseaza sa aud 16 pareri despre cum pervertesc eu limba romana dand citate in engleza.De fapt cred ca articolul asta ar fi sunat mult mai bine in engleza, oricum.Si asta este terenul meu, terenul unde rimglisul este rege.Si n-o fac pentru ca sa par snoaba, ca sa arat ca cat de cul sunt, folosesc asta pentru ca adesea gandesc in rimglis.Si lucrurile au sens in amestecul de limbi si nu in amandoua intrucat sunt la mijloc. Vorba lui The Longest Journey: The Divide.


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