Sunday, June 24, 2007

Boatloads of suburbs

O s-o scriem pe insemnarea asta in engleza. It's that time of the month cand cuvintele nu vin in alta limba.

Had a romp with the very indie Me and You and Everyone we know. This movie resembles a beanbag chair in more ways than one. I mean, you know those huge orange leather pouches with round plastic balls inside making awkward noises when you sit down. Seems so immutable and remote with its seams bleeding all around and punching bag stance. You mount it and it shifts and slouches, slips and brings your legs in the weirdest positions ever, you fall and twist and twirl and smile in the end. The smile at the end of the slide, the smile when you dismount your ride...
It's always an embarrassed smile, a victorious one, a vindictive one, the smile that people get when they find out a secret, when they've delved deep into some forbidden puddle of knowledge, but most of all it's always playful and rich.
Point taken. Movie like beanbag chair: unpredictable, playful, habitual gone haywire, painfully autistic, cute, forebearing, meaninglessness gone deep. Yeah, it's the kind of art that doesn't need an explanation, that would suffer in front of the towering sense.
The suburban Amelie, that doesn't turn the mundane into less mundane by inserting a playful heroine. I find that amazing, letting the mundane live. Freeing willy but saving the mundane.
And life that wants so desperately to become art that it hurts, yet ending up amidst a totally different stew. But, oh, this stew is so tasty. It's a dream-movie with little poems in every single one of its veins, sitting there on a little tray with the hot tea and chocolate chip cookie, with the doe-eyed Miranda July sliced in front of you in her candy blouse.
It gives you everything it never professed to give you: loneliness, despair, courage, love, weirdness and tons of warmth. It invaded my thoughts, it trespassed my feelings and it left me in that state that comes right after a fit of hysteria. The smile, the rainbow. You see rainbows aren't pure happiness and all that guilt-free imagery that they get on kindergarten walls: rainbows are the sky's way of telling us that it stopped crying. They're a feeble, temporary conquest. Just a small cracked cork for the sky. But smiles are not be taken lightly. Smiles are to be taken nightly.
Smiling is not an easy business, but that's what makes it worth it.
The whole movie is like walking through a gallery.
Starring a pair of smooching ballet flats, a street walk of life, and hanging a picture of a bird on a tree.
And all the suburban cuckoo you can take.

Poaza e pe de flickr.


A. said...

Care poaza? Nu vaz nimic!

merimeriquitecontrary said...

e pe la mijloc si infatiseaza un jilt umplut cu bilute portocaliu care face ochi. tre' sa te uiti cu atentie. :)

merimeriquitecontrary said... ascunde...