Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gosto de...

Ca nu mai completasem de mult lepse... si mi-era dor de si mai multa prosteala. Primele 10 cautari pe guglea (tm Gogu Kaizer) cu Meri gosto de fazer isso e isto...

Meri Likes to Read the Paper (hauleau, pacatele mele... da' eu nici vorba de-asa ceva...)
Meri likes to go to movies, read books, and sing ­ a lot! (din pacate pentru urechile vecinilor, apropiatilor, pisicilor si celor de-ai casei, DA!)
meri likes to play with her computer and create weird sounding songs (adevarat, adevarat graiesc...astia-as Poirotzii netului)
Meri likes to sneakily write poems does NOT mean that I'm an elf! (nu chiar sneakily... adica nu e ca si cum as avea un blog numai pentru scopul asta... aaah acum *lumina alba izvorand dintr-un pix* cu Will Smith)
or stunt pods as meri likes to say (imi plac cuvintele tampite... o, da!)
Meri likes to say. "A supertanker needs 16 nautical miles to reverse course. An Eskimo can do it on the spot." (scoateti CIA-eii din tufisuri... marturisesc...!)
Later edit:
Meri likes strange things, colorful boots, hats, terrorists who can use their enemies' fears against them, hiding his scarred eyes (apropo de teroristi, huzzah!)
Si cam atata a gasit guglica de la colt! :P

Sa nu-l lasam totusi pe gogusor fara 10 cautari adevaratnice, adaug urmatoarele:
Meri likes to walk barefoot in the rain especially into big poodles
Meri likes to wake up waaay before the whole world to listen to the morning
Meri likes to eat icecream with a silver spoon and her smear it round with two of her fingers
Meri likes to buy flowers for her friends [guys included] when they least expect it....

Meri lives to/loves to climb trees to the very top. To see what she can see...

Ma voi intoarce maine dupa ce diger una bucata leapsa a Kolonelului...

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mirrah said...

i would kill ten bambis plus their innocent, wide-eyed mommies just to witness you (or anybody else, for that matter) walking barefoot into a poodle. and a big one, too, mind you. :X :))